The 2-Minute Rundown

Originally from Indianapolis, I now rest my head in Denver. Have now for 7 years. Recently my wife and I welcomed our son Jack into the world. People say having a baby changes your life. That statement couldn’t be more true. Having him in our lives makes me want to be the best version of myself that I can be. It’s crazy. Crazy good.

I try and lead an active lifestyle. Always getting out and trying new places or exploring new trails. My love of music puts the beat in my step. I’m constantly listening to music and happen to have an ever expanding vinyl collection of 4,000 + records.

  • I once was Screech’s bodyguard in college for a comedy show.
  • I could live off of breakfast and mexican food.
  • I like to make outrageous claims like I’ve been to at least 500 concerts (has to be close)
  • Avid fan of games – board, card, outdoor, sports, mind
  • I wish Drive-In movies would make a comeback.

What Drives Me

Lucas McDonough
Lucas McDonoughCreative Marketing
I love working with clients and helping bring their vision to life. Seeing projects develop from sketches to full-on marketing campaigns is why I do what I do. Being able to make your client happy and provide positive results is the ultimate goal.
Every client and every project brings its own uniqueness.


Do What You Love. Love What You Do.
To be valued while providing value. I want to work with others who think along the lines of providing the best work possible at all times. Doing things the right way. Working hard and being proud in your finished product. That’s my mission.
Work Hard. Play Hard.

Driven individual with a desire to provide the best work possible. At the end of the day, I’ve got to be proud of the work that I’ve put in. Often like to reward myself for said hard work with a lovely craft brew and variety of games. Perhaps a hike or some disc golf, maybe a concert. Who knows? All I do know is that whatever you do, do your best and have fun doing it.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Think things through. Weigh out your options. Observe the situation. Note what opportunities and threats may lie ahead. Plan accordingly. React when necessary.
Some of my most recent work is featured below.

From shooting products and concerts to writing and designing e-commerce sites, here’s a little taste.


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